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. this would be a huge achievement coming over a few months after obama carried virginia. today, mcdonnell cast a vote for himself. asked about today whether or not national events and issues have seeped into the contest and helped him, here is what he had to say. >> i do think that some of this overreaching of congress on taxes, spending, and regulation has been a clear point departure between me and my opponent. that has helped me in this election. >> democrat creigh deeds, a centrist from the southwestern part of the state, had a difficult time and addressing the obama coalition. he needs a big turnout from african-americans, young voters, and women to overcome what has been a big deficit in the polls. he was upbeat today, but he believes it is too close to call. they just went into the ballot with a minute ago. shepard: democrats and republicans have separate ideas about what this means. what is the reality? >> for republicans, it means the cannot only be contenders in the era of obama but it also means that democrats, particularly moderate centrists like creigh deeds could have problems in
election since president obama took office. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. three races and one night that could help predict america's political future. >> you can't find two more different people than me and jon corzine. >> the stakes of this election could not be higher. shepard: tonight, in new jersey, in new york, and in virginia, election machines are fired up for contests that could be a sign of what's to come for congress. and, for the white house. first, from fox tonight, an urgent recall of a half million pounds of ground beef following two deaths and dozens of illnesses across our nation. health officials say the e.coli bacteria may be to blame. remember undercooked beef can cause e.coli poisoning. if you eat it, it can make you very sick and even cause your kidneys to shut down. the federal centers for disease control and prevention now reports that two people are dead in new hampshire and new york. most likely, they say, from e.coli infection. we're told most of the other suspected e.coli infections are reported in states in new england. but the cdc also warns that
that encircled the memorial site. ♪ amazing grace shepard: president obama delivered words of comfort to the crowd telling the loved once those -- ones those lost will endure, their memories will live on. >> their life's work is our security. and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. every evening that the sun sets on a tranquil town, every dawn that a flag is unfullered, every moment that an american enjoys life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is their legacy. shepard: and before president obama stepped from the stage to pay tribute to each victim, he alluded to the growing suspicion that religion motivated these murders. saying there is no faith that just fice these acts -- justifies these act bus tonight we're seeing new evidence the accused killer nidal hasan may have disagreed with. that kathryn has detained -- detain l tailed on the investigation. first rick who was on the scene today and the mood today. what did the cameras not capture? >> you know, for me it was the sound of silence and it reminded me of when pope benedict john paul ii's health was fa
occurred in the skirmish. our arrests were made. obama got a shout out. protesters said, you are either with them or us. posters of the ayatollah were torn down. >> that shows the change of heart. that shows the change of environment. the people of tehran are fed up. >> there was a fair amount of u.s. bashing in iran today. slogans were chanted and banners were displayed at the protest. what was the white house take? president obama issued a statement telling iran basically to stop looking back and start thinking about your people's future. robert gibbs added later in the day that they hope the violence does not spread. shepard: greg reporting from london. greta van susteren will host a special on the iranian hostage crisis. fox news reporting, americans held hostage in iran. that is this friday at 10:00 eastern right here. one year ago tonight, president obama was celebrating a historic victory. today, republicans are doing the celebrating after they took back the governors' mansions in new jersey and virginia, two states the president won a year ago and two states where he campaigned
for that interview with president obama. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: new guidelines create confusion over cancer, and the government health plan is under fire. i am trace gallagher, in fort shepard smith. the news starts now. kills thousands of women every year. mothers and daughters, wives and sisters. now, some government scientists say that the way we are screen for breast cancer is wrong. >> we found that screening started at age 50 have a benefit. >> not all experts agree. >> there is not sufficient evidence at this time to warrant a significant change. trace: tonight, inside a potential life or death decision. when should women get screened? now i question triggering voting controversy tonight. it comes after a panel of scientists decided that most women do not meet routine mammograms until they reach their 50's, going against the advice of the american cancer society, which recommends yearly mammograms for women in their 40's. >> we continue to recommend screening for breast cancer start at age 40.
the attack. well, president obama today delivering his weekly radio and internet address saying he and we will have a lot to be thankful for but many are struggling, let's not forget, in these tough economic times and adding that job creation will be a focus in the days and months ahead. but, indiana republican congressman mike pence countered that in the weekly g.o.p. address. pence had some pretty harsh words for the white house claiming the obama administration has taken the economy from, quote, bad to worse. wendell goler with the story from washington. julie, leave it to politics to take some of the smiles out of thanksgiving. it was a quiet holiday for the first family here at the white house. no public events on the president's schedule. though he did spend some time in the oval office telephoning 10 servicemen and women from the arabian gulf. nations thanks for their service and in a thanksgiving message to the nation, he recognized the sacrifices, their families make here at home. we keep in our thoughts and prayers the many families marking this thanksgiving with an empty seat s
detainees. you know president obama wants to close down the prison in cuba and move detainees to the u.s. for prosecution. today federal officials inspected the tomson correctional center in illinois to see if it might fit the bill. tomson is a maximum security facility located 150 miles west of chicago in carroll county. the prison has about 1600 cells. most stand empty because of budget problems. and the feds are considering buying it to house at least some of the gitmo detainees. illinois senator dick durbin says that would really help his state. >> we have an opportunity to bring thousands of good-paying jobs to illinois when we need them the most. we have an opportunity to bring them to a part of our state that has been struggling. and that's an opportunity we're not going to miss. jon: but critics say the economic impact is exaggerated and the overall gain isn't worth the risk of holding terror suspects on american soil. >> as you raise the profile of your community in this jihadi world, the benefit that they see in attacking your city increases. with the busiest airport in the w
benjamin netanyahu and president obama meeting behind closed door at the white house. the two are expected to discuss the nuclear standoff between iran and the middle east peace process. netanyahu spoke to a group earlier today. he left the u.s. even before his meeting with president obama is in the books. that's considered unusual and a bit of a sign that either relations are strained after netanyahu defied the president's call to free settlement construction in the west bank or that potentially, at least, president obama is waiting now until one side or the other in the peace process seems serious before lending cameras and legitimacy to it. the president has since relaxed that demand, an gering the palestinians who accused him of giving in to israel. they are the three american hikers detained in iran since the summer and, tonight, word that prosecutors in tehran are looking to formally charge the americans with espionage. that's according to a report by state-run media inside iran. the three hikers are just fattal fattal, sara shore and james bowrd. iranian authorities arrested them in
kept informed from the army operations center. he talked to president obama earlier today, as the president said in his statement, and he is being updated continuously as this thing goes on. shepard: steve centanni, thank you very much. kay bailey hutchison reported to us today that the suspect here, whose name we now know is hasan, was shot and killed in what apparently was a shoe that with the civilian police, the civilian policeman killed, too, and this man in his late thirties had complained that he did not want to be deployed to the wars in iraq and afghanistan, said he did not want to go, and the associated press is reporting that he apparently got a poor performance evaluation for his hospital work. again, that is just crossing from the associated press. further information, we are confirming that he was a psychiatrist at walter reed army center before he is transferred here in july, and he had worked there for six years. looking into major malik nadal hasan's military record, he apparently received this poor performance evaluation while he was at walter reed. a per
as president obama orders a full review of all intelligence on major hasan. and investigators try to trace his finances. catherine herridge with late developments from washington tonight. first, let's get to chris guterres who is live tonight at fort hood. investigators are saying other charges are possible. are they alluding to anything in particular? >> you know, shepard, i wouldn't be surprised if we see weapons charges. given the fact that hasan did not have his personal handguns registered here on post. 29 other people were wounded and no charges have been filed for that one thing we have been following is a possible 14th murder charge for the death of francesca havevalex unborn chil. she was due to give birth in may. one of the soldiers wounded in last week's shooting said this about the charges that have been filed. >> 13 charges of premeditated murder are good for a start. they need to keep going. they need to make it stick. >> shepard, that man's son is in stable condition tonight. i'm told he was shot four times, including once in the head. tonight, he is still paralyzed on the left
once on u.s. soil. shepard: president obama is expressing confidence about how the trials will end and says those who are against it will not find it offensive when he is tried and found good. major garrett asked the president about his time line for the closing of guantanamo bay. >> that's right. tonight for you, shepard, good morning from seoul, just after 9:00 in the morning. in beijing i asked the president not directly about khalid shaikh mohammed or the other alleged co-conspirators heading to the southern driskt new york for that trial but the entire question of closing guantanamo on time and for the very first time the president admitted he's going to miss his one-year closure deadline. >> one of the things we knew very early on, there are a set of detainees in guantanamo that can be convicted and they will be convicted. there are a set of detainees that can be deported and sent to other countries. we are on a path and a process where i would anticipate that guantanamo will be closed next year. i'm not going to set a exact date because a lot of this is also going to depend
, at the white house, president obama once again considering his options for that war. the president met with his national security team for as far as we know the eighth time since the commander in chief in afghanistan or since the commander in chief heard the request for more troops from the general in afghanistan. white house correspondent wendell goler is -- on what to do with afghanistan? >> the meeting focused on four variations of general stanley mcchrystal's counterimage surgetcy strategy -- counterinsurgency strategy. the president is leaning toward about sending three quarters of the 40,000 troops mcchrystal says are needed to be reasonably sure of success. no decision expected until after the president returns from a trip to asia that begins tomorrow. general david petraeus was at the meeting. he says two months of talks have been productive. he says the president is nearing a decision. but senator john mccain said today the president should make that decision as soon as possible and should grant general mcchrystal's entire request. >> i do know that unless we have sufficient resources
president obama's state dinner did indeed meet the president, according to the white house. and there they are, shaking hands on the receiving line. secret service says they are not ruling out criminal charges against this couple, but the lawyer claims that they did have permission to be there. molly, the lawyer chose his words very carefully, didn't he? >> yes, it was somewhat cryptic. he did say that the couple were on the guest list, but the salahi's attorney said to fox that, but " my clients were cleared by the white house to be there, and more information is forthcoming." perhaps that means they were cleared at a checkpoint to go inside to my but the white house says that the couple was not among the invited guests to the party. director of the secret service mark sullivan says that the secret service is deeply concerned and embarrassed by what happened. he goes on to say that although these individuals went for screening, they should have been prohibited from attending the event entirely. that failing is ours. sullivan says appropriate measures have been taken to mak
at orlando police department. thank you. the white house reports officials told president obama about the shooting in orlando and they were monitoring the situation. the president was reacting to the massacre at fort hood in texas. president obama ordered american flags of the white house and across the nation be flown at half staff to honor the victims. they will stay that way for next tuesday, the day before veterans day. the order comes up to the president met with the director of the fbi to get an update on the situation and the investigation into the shooting. he warned against jumping to conclusions about the motive for this attack. major garrett is live at the white house. what did the president say about the efforts to find out what happened? >> that they will go to every possible effort to find out what happened, why, motives, and what the reaction was at fort hood, what can be done differently in the future dealing with security, what can be done differently in situations like this should they arise again. today, the white house acknowledged that the president's daily brief,
report hd." it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama minutes away from delivering a speech in tokyo. he began his trip to asia by meeting with japan's new prime minister and by promising renewed cooperation, especially when it comes to dealing with the nuclear threat from north korea. >> the united states and japan, with the other members of the six-party talks, will continue to work to show north korea that there is a pathway, a door, for them to rejoin the international community that would serve their people well and enhance their security over the long term. they have to walk through that door. trace: north korea is far from the only major topic. the president also taking on critics that say he needs to hurry up with his decision about troops in afghanistan. major garrett is live in what is now mid-saturday morning in tokyo. what did he say? >> he said the decision about afghan strategy will be delivered to the country soon. robert gibbs later said it would probably be in the form of a major address to the united states sometime in december. the pres
up to his appointment. remember, rod blagojevich named him to fill president obama's empty senate seat. at the time, he was being accused of trying to sell that seat. illinois lawmakers is impeached him later and he now faces corruption charges. feds faced a phone call between them in which burris is heard expressing interest in the senate seat while talking about writing a check for blagojevich's campaign. today, the committee called the phone call inappropriate but found that burris did not violate along, so lawmakers will not punish him. they are already going to miss thanksgiving, but one of the astronauts in orbit will miss something much, much bigger than that. details. . (announcer) we understand. you need to save money. . ñÑ trace: breaking news into "the fox report." apparently a plea agreement has been reached in the case of a missouri woman that racially charged store scuffle case. we told you about this earlier. the jury has been deliberating three hours and now we get late word heather ellis has apparently, and her attorneys, have struck some type of a plea deal. sh
: president obama has eased travel restrickland strictions for cuben americans. portugal. a man accused of trying to break into a supermarket getting caught into the act with his pants down. authorities found this guy stuck in a small window. his trousers apparently fell off he's tried to wiggle free. now he is in cuffs. highland, rescuers had a tough time of freeing an 8-year-old boy after he got his head stuck in a gap in a cement wall while trying to retrieve his friend's ruler. the emergency crew finally got him out with the help of hammers and some cooking oil. he had just a few scratches and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. we have a bear alert. and i'm told this one is big. really big. details next. ( whooshing ) announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet. shepard: top stories are coming up but, first. [growling] shepard: a fox news bear alert. not just any bear. a giant super bear. folks in a village near lake tahoe say they have been dealing with this b
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17